There is not much that is more exciting than watching a child develop before your eyes. Being a part of the development of the next generation in Windsor, it only seemed right to get involved in education and the holistic care of the kids. Under the Tshepo Community Development Initiative, we are a part of running an after care at the recreation centre in Windsor East. Play and learning, and learning through play, are vital aspects of childhood. Lacking adult role models who can encourage this and guide a child through this has long term detrimental effects.


The after care we run includes arts and crafts, sports, lego play, baking, reading programs, thousands of books and a lot of face to face interaction with the kids. It is an exciting place to be in the community, because, run right, we have the opportunity to have a lasting impact, not only in the lives of the kids, but in Windsor itself.

Getting Involved

To look after more kids in an impactful way, we need more volunteers to get face to face with the kids. Our vision is not to see the place run like a school, but more like a family. If you were to sit down with your kids after school and do homework with them, or play with them, it would more often be in an intimate setting than in a group management setting. In order for this to be the effect of the after care, we need the involvement of more volunteers. If you're interested in being one of these volunteers, send us a message today so that we can arrange a meeting and discuss how you can get involved.