Bringing Ballet to Windsor

October 5, 2017

Yesterday was the holiday hump day for the kids of Windsor East, and Project Ngonyama was able to organise for the professional ballet dancers of Ballet Magnificat to come and offer some of their talents and friendships to over 50 kids.


The Alpha team from the Christian ballet company are ending off their South African tour with a couple of performances at the Roodepoort theatre on Thursday and Friday nights, and decided to free up their Wednesday in order to spend some time with some kids of Windsor East.


The children arrived from their late morning sleep-ins and joined the team for a game of dodgeball before splitting into groups of three or four with the dancers in order to get to know each other better. Each group had to come up with a name, one thing that each of them had in common, as well as a story that they could tell through dance, narration or acting.



The groups came back with beautiful stories and dance moves such as the story of red riding hood, the Macarena, kung fu panda and just a normal day in the life of the kids.


After story telling was done, we separated the boys and girls and had the dancers conduct a bit of a workshop, teaching the basics of ballet to those in attendance. I thought that the boys would have been too conservative to really embrace the ballet lessons that they were being taught, but I was wrong. I walked in the room to find them practicing a double twirl in the air, and quite impressively, I might add.


There were enough girls to fill the dance hall at the Windsor East Recreation centre who learnt first and second positions as well as leaps, turns and how to have tons of fun doing it.



 After it was all said and done everyone gathered for a group pic and we all hugged the kids goodbye. 


As the kids were walking away, I heard two of the kids talking and the one girl said to her friend, "at least I got my photo with a celebrity!!" 



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