La famille Hayes

February 1, 2017


This year has been crazy. So much has happened and it's only February. I'm sure you can relate with me as to the surprise that March is arriving so fast. It reminds me, I need to pay rent, cause it's a short month!

Esther and Melissa are growing in their adaptation to our South African culture. They seem so comfortable everywhere. I'm so lucky to be in this family. Melissa is definitely the popular one amongst us. She leaves a lasting impression on everyone she charms. Esther is irresistible in her integrity and sincerity. This magical combination allows us to compliment each other as we try love others.

My gran passed away at the unbelievable age of 90. She left behind an inspiring legacy. Her memorial was a beautiful testament to a person who has grown a family to be proud of. I certainly am. This photo was taken of some of the cousins of two generations (with a third generation sneaking in in the back).



We've been unbelievably blessed with a gift to go back to Switzerland and visit Esther's family for Easter! It's a great opportunity for us to report back to some of Esther's sponsors with stories and pictures, but more importantly it gives us the lovely prospect of a Swiss family Easter. Last year's Easter was when we took our little Melissa home from the hospital and were slowing introducing her to all of the extended family members in Switzerland. It would be a nice, more relaxed time this year if it all works out.

How's your family doing? :D

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