Starting Windsor soccer

December 10, 2016


After a disappointing first attempt at organising some soccer with the kids from Windsor, we finally managed to get a group of boys together to play some six-a-side. After meeting at the recreation centre at nine we headed on over to the school with two cars filled with kids.


Gugu, a mom of one of the boys, had told us that her son could only play soccer in the parking lots of the complex that they lived in, but that he had a lot of talent that should be developed. She asked me how could her son practice soccer if he never played on grass??


Having grown up in the middle class, these kinds of problems never crossed my mind. If I ever wanted to play soccer, I could. Resources are taken for granted by people who are rich beyond the understanding of the majority of our population, but who always complain that they don't have enough.


I had no idea how to answer Gugu, but her question stuck with me so much that I resolved to organise a time and place for whoever was committed to soccer could come and play.



The day went by great. We had two teams playing across a small field with plenty of goals, tricks and friendships being made. I think this could be the start of some good mentoring relationships with these boys, and I'm really looking forward to it.

To get involved, find out more here.


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