The Response Reveals the Need

October 4, 2016

As we prepared to go to the Windsor East Recreation centre for the first time, I told the team that what we were doing was only experimental. We shouldn't be too disappointed if not a lot of kids from the community come and join. We are only doing this to find out if there is a need for a kids project in this community. If not, then we'll pick up and move to Windsor West, and try there. We spoke about how around 40 kids would most likely come and join us. 


Off we went full of energy to Windsor to give whoever came the best experience we could, knowing that the response of the kids would reveal the need of the community. 



Imagine our joy when we saw 120 kids from the community come pouring in! It was a little overwhelming at first for us. We suddenly had to entertain all these kids while at the same time try and learn how to set up for this project. 


It was done beautifully. We played soccer, rugby, and got to look these kids in the eyes to see who they really were as we sowed our first seeds of change in Windsor. 



I'd recently read an online post where so many people seemed to be angry at the fact that their parents were so selfish as to have had children. They didn't want to exist. This made me so sad.


So I focused with intent as we taught these kids that they were made for a reason!! They are not mistakes, no matter what their parents say, or how unwanted they felt. Their lives are important.


What a joy. 


Yet, as we stood around watching the madness of over a hundred kids run around, I couldn't help think to myself;


we can reach more kids.


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