On the second Thursday of every month we go and invite all of the Windsor kids to Ngonyama. The following Saturday, we welcome between 200 and 300 kids to the Recreation Centre in Windsor East for the most fun 2 hours of their week (we think, anyways). We play soccer with the kids, frisbee, basketball, throw a rugby ball around and get involved in arts and crafts for about an hour, whilst at the same time we are setting up a speaking area, registering them all and handing out 150 hot dogs and juice to those that came first. 

Once this is done, we jump on the microphone and invite all the kids to come and sit down. This is where the magic happens! For the next 45 minutes we run through a biblically based lesson teaching the kids some valuable life lessons and, hopefully, equipping them to be contributing members of their community. 

We love to partner with parents and teachers for a holistic educational approach, and so any parents that come to observe are often picked on to come and hold the buckets of sweets for the well-behaved kids. Your presence is welcome, and we try to get to know you all!!

After the program is complete, as long as the boys and girls have behaved adequately enough, we send them for a final clean up of the recreation centre, and line them up, boys and girls, to put a packet of sweets in their hands and send them on home.


We understand that you have a lot of things going on in your life, especially on a Saturday. So we run Ngonyama programs on a Saturday from 12pm till 2pm and ask our volunteers to try and commit to only one Saturday a month. Volunteers arrive at 11pm on a Saturday to prepare for the program and set up the venue. The kids arrive at 12 and we run the program until latest 2pm.

We need volunteers for all the different areas of the program.

These include handing out the hotdogs and juice, registration of all the kids, arts and crafts, simply enjoying play time with the kids, hosting one of the lessons, and of course setting up the tents, tables and speakers.

If you're interested in any one of these areas, send us a message and come get involved!