Metro World Child is a project that was started by Pastor Bill Wilson on the streets of New York. He was abandoned by his mother as a child when she left him on a sidewalk corner in Florida saying, "I can't do this anymore. You wait here. I'll be right back." He waited three days until a committed Christian man, Dave Rudenis, found him and took him in. He sponsored Pastor Bill's theological studies which led to the foundation of Metro World Child ministries. Pastor Bill decided that the church was not big enough to serve the innter city kids, and took to "sidewalk Sunday school", using buses and trucks as make-do stages to reach kids with a message of hope.

Ben Krause served in New York in this ministry before feeling a strong calling to Brazil, where he replicated what he had learned. The Helíopolis favela of São Paulo played host to the eight years of a ministry called "Formigas", serving over 200 kids every month with inner city children's ministry.

Gavin and Esther Hayes both joined Ben in his work at the end of 2013 where they were taught how to reach urban kids in a vibrant, relevant and powerful way. Working with him until he decided that it was time to deliver the ministry over to the local Brazilian churches, in 2016, Gavin and Esther were then asked by the pastors of New Creation Family Church to help them reach the suburb of Windsor.

Windsor, being an area in dire need of positive role models as well as a culture shift away from idle time, it was decided that this project would serve as an ideal approach to influencing the next generation of the community in a way that could produce the biggest, most positive impact in Windsor. The Metro World Child model is, therefore, finding a new expression in a new area of the globe in an exciting way as we look to invest in kids with an endless amount of potential.