Change From Within

Every Thursday a team of missionary minded people head to the local public school to spend some time with the kids at break time, where a group of kids who want to come and pray with us and hear a quick Bible lesson can come and do so. The school has also given us one lesson per Friday to spend with a different grade each week. So over the course of four weeks we will have spent time with the grade fours, fives, sixes and sevens. 

In this lesson time we talk about life skills.

This covers a range of topics, from things like family and friend relationships, to your own identity to what it means to be abused and what you should do about it. The topics are always presented in a way relevant to the kids that we're dealing with. There is also a time for feedback.

This is where we need volunteers. After the general presentation of the topic is done from the front, the kids are divided into smaller groups in order to respond to the message that they had just heard. The more volunteers that we have for the small groups, the less kids we have per group. It is difficult to dedicate personal time with 30 kids in a "small group". When there are 7-10 kids, we can hear each one's opinion and afford them the attention that they deserve.

If you are free on a Friday morning and are able to listen to kids responding to potentially life-changing topics, then let us know so that we can give you the details of where and when to meet with us.

Together we can help raise a generation of children with stronger identities and bigger passion for their communities. All it takes is investment.